Frequently Asked Questions

Tuition at Timothy Christian is among the lowest in Iowa for Christian schools. With STO scholarships, tuition grants, payment plans, and other financial aid options available – Timothy can be affordable even if your budget is tight. 

We believe we are to spread the word of God through our communities, but we also believe in preparing and equipping students to be able to share their faith!  Children in elementary and middle school are particularly vulnerable, and we want to fill them with as much truth as possible before sending them back into their communities!  Children who attend Timothy Christian develop a boldness to be lights in the world. Even shy students will often ask to pray out loud.  These students will reach the world.  

We don’t believe in sheltering children and keeping them in a bubble.  Some day they will face “real life” and we want them to be prepared.  It is true they will be safe from many struggles other children may experience; we don’t believe it is right to “hide them” from the world. Our goal is to equip them to be wise and discerning and to stand up for their faith.  In class, children have the opportunity to engage in discussions about moral issues and current events.  We often teach World Religions as we feel it is right for children to be exposed to different faiths so they can engage in meaningful discussions with people outside the Christian faith.      

While each student is different, alumni, parents, and high school teachers and administrators have shared that Timothy students have typically transitioned academically, spiritually, and socially with ease.  

No, membership is not required and families come from many different denominations and church backgrounds.  We do ask that families believe and teach the word of God in their homes and attend a church regularly.  Timothy is here to support parents in bringing up Christian children but we believe families have the responsibility to start that work at home and at church.  

We have worked very successfully with children with various disabilities and learning difficulties. The extent of your child’s needs would be examined and discussed prior to admittance.

The wonderful part about having small classes is that each child’s individual needs can be better met. Students who need greater challenge are often given enrichment opportunities and are also encouraged to use their unique gifts to help others.

No.  We try to have a balanced approach to parental involvement.  The great thing about Timothy is that there are always ways that you can volunteer to help out the school, but we also understand everyone has a busy schedule.  At the beginning of the year, you can choose which committee you would like to join and will have the chance to sign-up for small or large roles.  If you are unable to volunteer at events, you can also donate food items.


We have transportation options depending on which community you live in. Families arrange carpools from various communities. The Aplington-Parkersburg area has a parent-owned bus. Parents can also be reimbursed towards the cost of transportation from the state by their local school district. 

We have volunteer librarians who organize our amazing library! Children have weekly library time and are able to check out age and content appropriate books and DVDs. 

Children are taught from an early age how to play many games in P.E. class. In 7th and 8th grades, the students are expected to play in four sports tournaments – basketball, soccer, softball, and volleyball – with other Christian schools.  All students are given playing time.  Students have the opportunity to participate in additional sports through their local school district and may leave school early if needed. 

All students are made in the image of God, and therefore we strive to honor Him by loving our neighbor as ourselves. When conflicts arise, Timothy Christian teachers and staff are able to use Gospel Truths and prayer to resolve conflicts. 

 We are committed to providing your child with opportunities to help them grow and learn!  Whether it’s going on a field trip to Living History Farms, or competing in Battle of the Books or MathBee, students will be given plenty of educational experiences.  Middle Schoolers get to do dissections in Science class.  We offer unique experiences to our students such as participating in our Fine Arts Fair Competition which is run like a high school contest!  We really don’t think you will feel like they are missing anything!   

Timothy Christian students have many opportunities to perform and share their talents.  Every year the students perform a musical before the Thanksgiving break.  Students have the opportunity to perform solo and in groups at the Fine Arts Festival held in April.  During the fair, students sing and share their instrumental talents.  Service is a priority at TC.  The students travel to area nursing homes and local senior programs to perform as well.

Want to find out more about Timothy Christian School?

The first step is to schedule a visit with our Development Director, Dale Akkerman. You can do this by calling the school at 641-869-3679 or contacting us via this form. When you meet with Mr. Akkerman, he will answer any questions you may have and provide a tour of our school. Your student is welcome to attend the tour and will be introduced to teachers and potential classmates. Mr. Akkerman is also very willing to set up a time to visit you in your home to discuss what Christian education has to offer and to answer questions you may have before officially visiting the school.