Upcoming Events

Planning and Promotions Meeting

Monday, September 20 at 6:30 PM

Tie-Dying in Art for Grades 1-4 & 7-8: OLD CLOTHES NEEDED!

Tuesday, September 21

Tie-Dying in Art for Grades K, 5, & 6: OLD CLOTHES NEEDED!

Wednesday, September 22

See You at the Pole

Wednesday, September 22

This is a time when we gather around the school flagpole to pray for whatever and whomever is our hearts. More information will be shared as this time nears.

Education Committee Meeting at 11:45 AM

Thursday, September 23

1st Quarter Midterm

Friday, September 24

Soccer Tournament at Hollandale Christian

Friday, September 24

Serve Africa Shipping Container Donations Due

Friday, September 24

STO Applications Due to Mr. Akkerman

Monday, September 27

Grandparents/Special People Contact Information Due

Monday, September 27

Mr. Akkerman would like to know the contact information for all grandparents and other special people in the students' lives. He can send them the school newsletter, etc.

75th Anniversary Committee Meeting at 6:30 PM

Monday, September 27

School Picture Day

Wednesday, September 29

1st/2nd Grades to Wells Hotel Museum

Tuesday, October 5

Thank you to Alison Steinmeyer, Mandy DeWitt, and Sandy Wiers for volunteering to drive.

Early Out at 1:15 PM

Wednesday, October 6

No School - Heartland Christian Educators Convention

Thursday, October 7 and Friday, October 8

No School - Teacher In-Service

Monday, October 11

Additional Kindergarten Day

Tuesday, October 12

This additional Kindergarten day is due to no school on Monday, October 11.

End of 1st Quarter

Friday, October 29